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Our range of superior quality VRCC Pipes is manufactured using advanced vertical cast automatic machine. These are fabricated as NP3 & NP4 and are constructed in different structures like plain type, Socke & Spigot type. Confirming to BIS 458/2005 Standards.Vibration Casting uses a high grade and low water-cement ratio concrete giving a high strength to the end product. The concrete in the mould is compacted under the external surface.

VRCC Products

Vibrated Casting process pipes for NP3 class and NP4 class

Following are some of the common applications of these products:

  • For railways and national highways.
  • For agricultural purposes
  • For storm water drainage.
  • For effluent discharge in sewerage.
  • As road culverts and cross drainage.
  • Laying telecommunication .
  • Laying of power cables.

The main features of the VRCC Unit

  • The manufacturing process is fully automatic. Four people monitor the functioning of the machine and moves the pipes to the drying area with a forklift.
  • The installed capacity of the machine is to produce 60 pipes for every 8-hour shift
  • The pipes moved to the curing area by forklift are wrapped in a stretchable film to retain moisture and humidity. After 24 hours of initial curing the pipes are moved to a yard and de-moulded from the pallet and allowed to be further cured.
  • This machine can produce pipes from inner diameters 300 to 2400 mm with 2500 mm length as per BIS 458/2003 standard.
  • The process involves machine production of reinforced or unreinforced pipes, round or pre-bed pipes with spigot and socket joint, with rubber joint, egg-shaped pipes, square or rectangular pipes, manholes and other items as per the customer’s requirements.
  • Normally pipes made by this process of Vibrated/Vertical Casting will have matt finish on both the inside as well as outside.
  • The concrete is mixed by automated ready-mix plant.
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