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Infrastructure in India is gathering pace. Roads, underground drainage and other infrastructures in the cities are on a rise. Government is promoting cleaner and smarter cities as per international standards. As such, there is a shift from a conventional form of manufacturing to automated manufacturing processes to produce larger quantities at the shortest periods. This aids the delivery of infrastructure projects on time. With this in mind M/s Uday Industries, whose promoters come with a three-decade experience in the industry, has embarked on a project to manufacture VRCC Pipes. Uday Industries under its expansion program has contemplated manufacturing VRCC(Vibrated/Vertical Reinforced Cement Concrete) pipes of sizes ranging from 300mm diameter to 1600mm diameter with fully automatic pipe machine with Italian technology supplied by Pakona Engineers Pvt Ltd, Mumbai.

A fully automatic VRCC Pipe manufacturing plant at Sy No 293/10. Bandaravirala(V), Abdullapurmet(M), Rangareddy(D),Telangana state has been established.This is first of its kind plant in the state of Telangana.

Manufacturing Process

What We Do


We are manufacturers of VRCC Pipes (Vertically Vibrated Reinforced Cement Concrete Pipes). We have setup a modern automatic manufacturing facility for VRCC Pipes which are superior in quality, dimensional accuracy, strength and performance as per BIS 458/2003 specification. We have a capacity to manufacture 100 pipes per day. We can supply ex-stock pipes of various diameters ranging from 450 mm to 1600 mm. We are well equipped for testing the end product as well as the raw materials. The pipes are manufactured under strict quality standards through ready-mix and automatic plant. We have curing and stocking yards.

Our Features

The main features of the VRCC unit are as noted below

  • The manufacturing process is fully automatic. Four people monitor the functioning of the machine and moves the pipes to the drying area with a forklift
  • The installed capacity of the machine is to produce 60 pipes for every 8-hour shift
  • The pipes moved to the curing area by forklift are wrapped in a stretchable film to retain moisture and humidity. After 24 hours of initial curing the pipes are moved to a yard and de-moulded from the pallet and allowed to be further cured
  • This machine can produce pipes from inner diameters 300 to 1600 mm with 2500 mm length as per BIS 458/2003 standard
  • The process involves machine production of reinforced or unreinforced pipes, round or pre-bed pipes with Spigot and Socket joint, with rubber joint, egg-shaped pipes, square or rectangular pipes, manholes and other items as per the customer’s requirements
  • Normally pipes made by this process of Vibrated/Vertical Casting will have matt finish on both the inside as well as outside
  • The concrete is mixed by automated ready-mix plant

Advantages of fully automatic machine for Vertical Vibrated Casting

In addition to the quality of pipes and greatly improved environmental footprint, vibrated cast process also provides an unprecedented opportunity to change the way we think about major projects.Using this process,the efficiency to produce a concrete pipe increases potentially.It can produce 60 pipes of any diameter per shift verses the traditional constraint of spun pipes supply at 20 pipes a day,further reducing time and cost.

Vibration Casting uses a high grade and low water-cement ratio concrete giving a high strength to the end product. The concrete in the mould is compacted under the external surface. It is formed by totally eliminating human element to give high-quality pipes. The specifications for manufacturing of Vibrated Casting process pipes for NP3 class and NP4 class are also included in BIS 458:2003.

Our Services

  • Manufacture and supply of pipes from 300mm dia to 1600 mm dia(Both Plain and Socket & Spigot type)
  • Manufacture & Supply box culverts
  • Manufacture & Supply of Manholes

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